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A few graduates pose for a photo opp.
Second Year Experience
Welcome to your second year at Oakwood University or your first year as a transfer student!

The Second Year Experience is designed to ensure that you are getting the most out of your college education and the very best college experience during your second year at Oakwood University.

Connecting  with your Departmental Academic-Career Advisor or Center for Student Success Advisor,  is an essential step in your academic journey that will help you to choose your major, take the right classes for your degree program and ultimately set you on  the pathway to academic and career success.   We also want to provide you with resources and information that will  assist you with having fun and meaningful experiences while attending Oakwood University.

Due to the unique  needs of second year students, we have included important information in this portal that will assist you with your academics.  Additionally, we have added a calendar of  special events catering to second year students.


Presentations for SYE (Fall/Spring 2020-2021)

Wade Hall @ 7pm – 8pm :

SYE Contacts:

  • Mr. Woodrow Vaughn (256) 726-7180
  • Ms. Sabrina Ettienne  (256) 726-8207

*All presentations will be held at the Wade Hall multi-purpose room.

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