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The Department of Communication offers rigorous, theoretical, and cutting-edge programs designed to provide students with the necessary skills needed to excel in today’s job market. Our academic and scholastic rigor positions the Oakwood University Department of Communication as a leader and noteworthy player in scholarship and education. Our students benefit from the state-of-the-art facilities and model professional faculty with outstanding academic and professional backgrounds.

 The purpose of the Department of Communication is to shape the communication professionals of tomorrow by providing a synergetic learning experience that combines spiritual awareness, theoretical grounding, and practical application, thus enabling our students to successfully compete in today’s marketplace.

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Communication Club

  1. The specific and primary purpose is to provide a vehicle through which communication students may enhance their skills and experience by completing practical projects, and working with professional and semi-professional communicators and organizations.
  2. The general purpose is to actively promote the highest standards of communication creativity, performance, education and research.

Club Objectives

  1. To increase the skill level of members, through the use of projects (Inside Oakwood, Commercials, Public Relations) so members will be able to have experience in there area of interest
  2. To develop a sense of comradeship between Communication majors and minors
  3. To make the club more visible in the community and throughout campus (ie, community service activities, participation in preliminaries at Prayer Meeting, etc.)
  4. To provide networking outlets to secure internships and jobs after graduation.
  5. To establish a system of mentoring


Members – Any major or minor regularly enrolled at Oakwood University who maintains a minimum of 2.0 GPA – Dues ~ $10 per semester, $18 per year

Club Officer – Any student member is nomination as a club officer who:

  1. Meets the University’s eligibility of a 2.5 GPA
  2. Is a communication major or minor and
  3. Is a dues-paying club member

Officer Positions – president, president-elect (vice president), secretary, treasurer, chaplain, and public relations officer.  Appointed officers are: assistant secretary and assistant public relations officer

Textbook Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria –  the club will give 3 textbook scholarships in the form of $75 bookstore vouchers.  Applicants must:

  1. Be a registered member of the club for at least one semester;
  2. Have dues paid currently
  3. Have met club meeting attendance requirements (two unexcused absences allowed)
  4. Have the application turned in by the deadline


  • Visual Media (A.S.)
    • Concentrations: Graphic Design, Photography 
  • Communication (B.A.)
    • Concentrations: Communication Arts, Public Relations 
  • Communication Media (B.A.)
    • Concentrations: Broadcast Journalism, Film & TV Production, Print/ Digital Media 
  • Visual Media (B.A.)
    • Concentrations: Graphic Design, Photography, Photojournalism 


  • Art 
  • Communication: Communication Arts 
  • Communication: Public Relations 
  • Communication Media: Broadcast Journalism 
  • Communication Media: Film and Television Production 
  • Communication Media: Print/Digital Media 
  • Visual Media: Graphic Design 
  • Visual Media: Photography 
  • Visual Media: Photojournalism 


  • Communication Club
AR 111 : Fundamentals of Drawing
The course explores the fundamentals of rendering based on the principles and elements of design and spatial organization. Natural forms are approached to develop the powers of observation, self-expression, and technical skills. Various black-and-white media are used. Lab fee applies.


CO 201 : Fundamentals of Public Speaking
This course is a study of the fundamental principles of oral communication and includes effective application of these principles through classroom speeches and constructive criticism. Lab fee required. Prerequisite: EN 111.


CO 342 : Radio and TV Broadcasting
This is a course designed to help the student acquire the skills that lead to competent performance as a media announcer. Study is given to the speech techniques that are required in preparation, announcing, and narration of various types of material. Prerequisites: CO 201 and junior standing.


“If it were not for Oakwood’s Communication department, I would not have had the success I’ve had in television news! The instructors pushed us, encouraged us, gave us strict deadlines; all to prepare us for the tough world of daily news! Not only was I well prepared, but was on the top of my game and moved from the reporter to anchor ladder faster than many of my colleagues! I’m forever thankful for my instructors and the work ethic they helped me to cultivate!”
Kym Richardson, Class of 1993
Anchor WPMI-TV/Local 15, Mobile, AL
“Even though I have a career in IT, I truly believe that my communication studies at Oakwood University set me on a path of success. Classes such as small group, interpersonal and intercultural communication equipped me with the skills and the confidence I needed to communicate effectively in any setting. A communication degree from OU will provide you with the tools you need to thrive professionally.”
Lee Munro, Class of 2014
BA in Communication Media: Print Journalism
“The photography program at Oakwood University has helped develop the artist in me. The training there taught me to shoot beyond my natural eye, while utilizing several of the techniques I learned.”
Alex Carlisle, Class of 2012
AS in Art: Photography