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A view of the dorm.

Carter Hall

Bessie Carter Hall, completed in 1966, is the residence hall for freshman women.

Welcome to Carter Hall where it is our purpose to provide a comfortable Christian environment for the Freshmen young ladies of Oakwood University.

Carter Hall provides a Christ centered, structured, safe, and caring environment that allows each resident the opportunity to grow spiritually, mentally, socially and emotionally as she strives for academic excellence.

We are looking forward to your arrival where we are expecting you to become an involved participant in our Carter Hall family.  We want this experience in your home away from home to be a pleasurable encounter.

Each room contains the following: bed(s), dresser(s), closet(s), desk(s), chair(s), sink, & mirror.

Curtains/Blinds Yes
Shower Facilities Yes, Community Stalls
Exercise/Recreational Room No
Vending Machines Yes
Laundry Facilities Yes
Network Connection Yes
Type of available rooms Single/Double No/Yes
Maximum Occupancy Total 253
Moving In

Room Evaluation: Residents are responsible for the condition of their rooms. Your RA will check you into your room and note, along with you, all of the furniture and any distinguishable marks in the room. When you check out of your room, the condition will be compared to the original check-in evaluation form. After your room is cleaned and your belongings are removed, both you and the RA will examine the condition of your room. Any damages not noted on the original form will be noted on the check-out portion of the room evaluation form. Charges will be deducted from your room/damage deposit accordingly or placed on your account.

**Special Note**
If damage occurs or furniture is missing from a room and a resident does not take responsibility for the situation, all residents of that room will share the cost of the damages. In addition, any damages noted by maintenance or the residence hall staff during their inspection of the room after move-out will be deducted from your deposit or added to your account.

Keys: Room keys or magnetic cards are assigned upon arrival at the residence halls. Your keys/cards are security for you and other residents in the halls. Remember to lock your door and carry your keys at all times. There is a $25 charge to replace a lost key fob.

Moving Out

Remember that your Residential Housing Agreement covers the full academic year. However, if for any reason the need arises for you to move out of the residence hall, annex or West Oaks Apartments, contact the Dean immediately and follow all checkout procedures.

Checking out of the Residence Halls:

  • Contact your RA and make an appointment to check out of your room.
  • Your room must be clean and empty of all belongings (vacuum cleaners may be available for your use).
  • After your room is cleaned and your belongings are removed, both you and your RA will examine the condition of your room. Any damages will be noted on the Room Condition Evaluation form. If there are damages, charges will be deducted from your room deposit or placed on your bill (for more information, see page 8).
  • Return your room key to your RA and complete a forwarding address card obtained in the residential hall office. Complete your portion of the Room Condition Evaluation and sign it verifying that the information is accurate.
  • As stated above, payment for damage charges will be deducted from your room deposit or placed on your bill. If this amount exceeds the deposit, or drops below the minimum balance and you are planning on
    returning to the residence halls, you will be asked to bring the account to the $150.00 limit before moving in again.
  • If you move out before the end of the semester, you must cancel your meal plan (when applicable). Depending on your move-out date, a refund may or may not be available.

Failure to check out properly using the above procedures will result in forfeiture of your room deposit and/or fines being placed on your bill.

Contact Us

(256) 726-7094