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United Student Movement
The United Student Movement (USM) of Oakwood University is the major student organization of the university. This organization seeks to promote a more perfect relationship among all sectors of the university community; to enhance the religious, academic, cultural, and social programs of the university; and to emphatically support the aims and objectives of Oakwood University.
Each matriculating regular student of Oakwood University is a member of the United Student Movement.The United Student Movement finances its own programs through payment of individual membership dues. With the help and approval of faculty sponsors, the United Student Movement carries out such programs along with the Department of Student Activities:

USM Activities & Services
These include, but are in no way limited to social, academic, athletic, and religious activities.  Some of the highlights of these activities include:OUSM logo

  • Back to School Block Party
  • Spring Banquet
  • Intramural Sport Competitions
  • Student Revival
  • Deep Sabbath
  • Spirit Week
  • Oak Awards
  • Academic Bowl Competitions

Additionally, the USM produces the official Oakwood University newspaper, The Spreading Oak, and the official Oakwood University yearbook, The Acorn.

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