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An anointing ceremony during our annual convocation service.

Faith & Values

Oakwood University is affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a world-wide Christian community that operates one of the world’s largest Protestant school systems.

Adventist Beliefs
Adventists hold most beliefs in common with other Protestants. The Trinity. The divinity of Jesus. Salvation through faith in Jesus. Adventists believe that true spirituality impacts every area of their lives. Physical health, a sound mind and strong relationships with God and other people are all seen as important. Each week Adventists celebrate a 24-hour Sabbath rest from work and school, from Friday sunset through Saturday sunset. The Sabbath celebration facilitates spending quality time in worship, nurtures relationships with family and friends, and offers generous service to our community.

As a Christian school, we promote strong moral principles and encourage students to develop a close relationship with God. We celebrate the diversity of cultures represented at Oakwood and respect the differences between people groups. We believe in and teach a comprehensive approach to life that balances mind, body, and spirit in such a way that students are fully prepared to serve the world while attending Oakwood and after they complete their studies.