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Dawnette Chambers, MS

Dawnette K. Chambers, M.S.IMC, serves as an assistant professor and the public relations program coordinator in the Department of Communication at Oakwood University.

Professor Chambers is an alumna of Oakwood University’s Communication Department with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a concentration in public relations and a minor in sociology. She is also a graduate of Roosevelt University in Chicago with a Master of Science degree in integrated marketing communications.

As the program coordinator of the public relations program, she is responsible for preparing students to receive every opportunity to learn and develop the necessary skills to be excellent communication professionals.

Dawnette has chosen to dedicate her life to all things communication. She is an avid storyteller and enjoys creating and fostering the dreams of others, “setting the stage” for their success.

Recently, Professor Chambers chartered the Public Relations Student Society of America Chapter at Oakwood University, Oakwood is the 2nd historically Black university (HBCU) to have that designation in Alabama and the 20th out of 375 colleges and universities. She serves on the Board of Directors for both the North Alabama Public Relations Council of Alabama Chapter (NAPRCA) and Public Relations Society of America Alabama Chapter (Alabama PRSA).

Professor Chambers’ research interests take an impactful look into strategic communication and its baring on organizational culture and stakeholder engagement, strategic messaging and branding.

Dawnette thrives off of community and loves providing opportunities for her students to grow professionally and her family and friends to grow holistically. When not singing, cooking or planning, Dawnette spends her time learning the joys of being marked by God’s rest.