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Strategic Plan

An institution’s strategic plan projects its character and image. It communicates its mission, goals, and objectives. It is the organization’s blueprint for utilizing its skills and resources, directing its routine operations, and achieving its dreams and aspirations. It is its portrayal of its future, organized by distinct, determined actions for achieving a specified set of outcomes in keeping with the mission of the institution.

Purpose of the Oakwood University Strategic Plan
The purpose of this strategic plan is to unite all of the institution’s component parts around a set of common goals and institutional priorities. It is designed to serve as a linking device to connect the various categories of decision-making and action within the institution. It is also structured to encourage integration and collaboration among campus entities.

Process of Strategic Planning
The process used in developing this plan included both internal reasoned projection and external environmental scanning. The University Strategic Planning Committee determined the process to be followed. The consultant services of Dr. Paul Brantley were procured to complete the environmental scan and provide recommendations (see Appendix). The university mission statement and goals went through two years of review and revision. Annual effectiveness reports completed by the Institutional Effectiveness Committee provided assessment results to support decision-making. Participation was broad-based, including representatives from campus and constituent bodies: faculty, staff, students, administrators, trustees, community members, and external consultants.

Strategic Plan 2010-2015
Strategic Plan 2005-2010