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The Department of English and Foreign Languages’ purpose is to produce students with a Christ-like character who use the study of literature and languages to serve humanity by implementing a service- learning faith while carrying out the gospel commission in public and private spaces.

The English program is intended to meet the needs of students desiring a strong liberal arts background and/or superior writing skills for the job market, offering the traditional English major as well as a major in professional writing. The Spanish language program with Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA), provides students with an opportunity to acquire knowledge of the geography, culture, and language of a particular country. The program meets prerequisites for graduate school, and bilingual students find unlimited opportunities for service in the corporate world.






  • English
  • Spanish


  • Arabic
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
EN 221 : Literature of African Peoples

This course introduces students to the literature of sub‐Saharan Africans, African Americans and West Indians. Prerequisite:
EN 112
3 hours

EN 351 : Creative Writing

Designed to meet the needs of those interested in developing skills in creative writing, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.
Prerequisite: EN 112 and junior standing.
3 Hours

EN 412 : Linguistics

Introduction to the core subfields of linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics/pragmatics), focusing on the essential formalisms and analytical techniques needed to pursue more specialized coursework in the field.
Prerequisites: EN 111/112 with a C or better and
EN 203 or per
mission of the instructor.
3 Hours

FR 201 : Intermediate French

A general review and continuation of grammar and vocabulary building, with special emphasis on the spoken language. Selected readings on French‐American life and culture.
Laboratory is required.
Prerequisite: FR 102

SP 457: Spanish Advanced Composition (W)

This course is designed to further develop Spanish communicative abilities, both verbal and written as well as to increase the knowledge and ability to comprehend a variety of forms of cultural production in the Spanish language.
(Formerly SP 457 Advance Composition and Conversation)
3 Hours

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A Message from OUIT and the Office of the Provost

To our Students, Faculty, and Staff, Due to the current and ongoing challenges with WiFi access on campus, the IT Department has begun implementing alternative resources outside of the existing network. These resources will provide greater internet access to support...

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OU Answers Alumni Questions

Recently some have asserted on social media that the University has misrepresented the 2018 court case, OU vs. OUAA.  Rather than enter into dispute, the University is making available Federal Judge Madeline Haikala’s 59-page decision in favor of Oakwood University,...

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An Important Message from Oakwood University

To our Oakwood Family, Friends, and Supporters: The 40-member Oakwood University Board of Trustees held an eight-hour working session on Monday, October 16th. They reviewed reports, institutional progress, and rumors surrounding the financial state of the University...

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